Ask anyone and they will tell you that they have a favorite place to grab a slice of pizza and some drinks. Perhaps your family has a pizza night each week? There may be some changes to that if you choose to eat a pizza that is fresh from the wood burning stove or oven.

New York is famous for pizza. Not just the New York City area but, as a proud native of Western New York, I would say that Buffalo has some of the best pizza in the entire country! From the original pepperoni and cheese to a chicken wing pizza, it is hard to beat Buffalo pizza.

But on a recent trip to New York City, I had an incredible experience at a place called Ovest Pizzoteca By Luzzo's! The wood fire pizza was simply perfection and I would recommend it to anyone. But I wonder what the future will be for restaurant and pizza places that use wood to heat their ovens? Here in New York, there is a plan to limit and even restrict people from burning wood to heat their homes.

While there is currently NO LAW in place against burning wood. The plan to limit greenhouse gas and emissions may creep in. There is already a plan to stop the sale of vehicles that have combustion engines by 2035 in New York State.

In New York City, things are a little different. According to WKTV News:

As part of a clean-air initiative, former Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced in 2014 that the construction of new wood-burning fireplaces would be banned in New York City.

As New York starts to move forward on being more energy efficient and going "green" many residents are wondering just how far the Empire State will go.

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