While out in California visiting family over Thanksgiving I had a chance visit Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.  The company has only been in business since 1999, but they've made a huge impact in the digital world and in the small town of Mountain View.  Really, instead of Mountain View, you could call it Google, California because the company occupies so many buildings and so many acres across the town.  

Google has some 62,000 full time employees, more than 23,000 are in research and development.  My niece's finance is one of those involved in research and development and he took some time from his day to take me on a tour.

Most Google employees set their own hours, come and go as they please and get paid well for the work they do.  Not only get paid well, but the benefits are incredible.  With so many young people working there I felt like I was on a college campus with the amenities of a cruise ship.

The number one thing that just floors me is that all meals at Google are free.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And they're created by incredible chefs.  Almost any kind of food you want...Italian, Mexican, Asian or just a burger and fires.  It's all free and it's delicious.

Recreation, games, swimming, child care, laundry, dry cleaning, transportation.  All of it is taken care of.  Employees who live in San Francisco, San Jose or anywhere in the East Bay area can use a free shuttle equipped with Wi-Fi.  I couldn't help but wonder why any employee would want to leave to work somewhere else.


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