When you stop and think about it, the State of New York really does have some amazing aspects.

The food in New York is incredible, more precisely at either end of the state. New York City we know all about and its rich and diverse mix of food cuisine. Buffalo and Western New York just might have the most underrated food scene in the entire country.

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The weather in New York State can be tricky, because of the winter months, but you would be hard-pressed to find a better state for both summer and fall. June through October is flat-out fantastic for weather and offers perfect temperatures for both seasons, along with that fall foliage in October.

However, as you may know living here, there are certain aspects of the state that make people shake their head and find another place to live.

The two things people seem to hate the most about living in New York State are two things that go hand-in-hand.

Cost of living and the high taxes.

When it comes to cost of living, while Western and Central New York offer affordable living prices for both renting and mortgages, New York City and areas downstate simply do not. The New York City region, where a large portion of the population live, has astronomical prices for apartments and homes.

The high taxes are the stereotypical downside of New York State.

New York currently ranks 7th for the highest income tax rate in the country at nearly 9 percent. Number one is California at just over 13 percent. A few states have no income tax, including Florida, Texas, Nevada and Wyoming.

New York actually ranks number one when you combine both sales and income tax percentages.

What people don't realize about New York is the fact most of the state is covered in countryside, farmland and small towns. Most non-residents just assume New York City and unfriendly people with high taxes and cost of living.

While the high taxes are absolutely true, don't judge New York on New York City and high taxes alone -- you would be surprised to find how much this state has to offer.

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