Sunday's game at New Era Field against the Philadelphia Eagles didn't exactly go the Bills way. They lost 31-13 and the weather was a HUGE factor, with heavy winds and rain throughout the game.

This is Buffalo, so we revel in the elements. Snow, rain, wind -- we seem to enjoy when the weather gets nasty because it helps sets the game-day experience apart from other NFL venues and it can hurt the visiting team's performance.

...but believe it or not, some fans are in favor of a domed stadium in the future.

A few of my friends insist on getting a dome or retractable roof when (hopefully) the Bills finally get a new stadium in Western New York.

The upside would be that snow, wind, and rain wouldn't be a factor with the play anymore. Quarterback Josh Allen could sling it all over the field without fear of the wind disrupting the throw or a field goal easing through the uprights, instead of it wobbling all over the place into the wind and precipitation.

You as a fan would also stay dry and comfortable.

However, that might be a landslide decision in any other place...but this is Buffalo, where we are proud to sit through the wind and snow to watch our Bills play football. Tailgating in the snow then singing "Let It Snow" in the stands!

We're still a long way off from a potential new stadium in Western New York (it might be years off) but getting a dome or retractable roof could be a likely scenario when that day comes.

Would you be in favor of a roof stadium or no?

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