Holiday shopping can be super stressful and now that we are all trying to socially distance, there is an added stress to the rat race of trying to pick out the best gifts and goodies. But don't be surprised if you find that some strange things happen when you are in a store this season. It is more common than you think even under normal conditions.

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We were talking about Holiday shopping this week on Clay & Company and I shared the story about how my wife and I got home after a whirlwind round of last minute shopping and noticed a security tag was still on the sweater she bought! You know the kind I am referring to.It takes a special tool that store clerks have to unlock these things and remove them before you leave the store. For whatever reason, the tag on Elizabeth's new sweater did not set off the alarm. Or perhaps it did and we didn't even notice?We have three little ones running around our house and loud high-pitched noises are a standard and we may be have blocked them out?

Either way, I wasn't about to drive all the way back to the outlets to get the thing off the sweater. I used a hacksaw! It was not as easy as I thought keeping the sweater from getting cut while I was slicing the security tag off. I did eventually make it happen but it was not something I would want to try again.

Turns out, we are not the only ones to have a this sort of thing happen. We had a caller share a similar experience with some boots she received as a gift! The sensor was still embedded in the boots and would set off the alarm in stores she walked in. Embarrassing? Probably. But anyone who has worn a comfortable pair of boots that fit just right will tell you it is worth it.

The truth is, if you plan to shop in person this year, you will need to be more patient than ever. I hate this term, but, you will definitely need to manage your expectations. The employees at the store are already under plenty of stress wondering if they will even have a job when the next round of government shutdowns and lock-downs comes their way. Some things may not be the way you remember them when you shop for a gift and I would highly recommend that you try to avoid the last minute shopping. It may keep you from having to use the hacksaw on your new clothing.

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