If you have been a fan of WYRK for a long time, like since the beginning in the 80's, you most likely recall the free shows that we used to put on. As a matter of fact, I remember we gave away a jukebox before one of the free shows at Melody Fair in the 1990's.

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But it all had to begin somewhere and it was at Kleinhan's Music Hall in Buffalo in 1983!
I have been working at WYRK since 1996 and to see the changes here at the station and the changes in the music has been impressive. But one thing has remained a constant, our love for putting on great events and it began with our first ever WYRK FREE Country Concert.
A big thank you goes out to Paul who sent me this "memory" of his. It is a piece of WNY history.
Not only has WYRK been a powerhouse radio station for a long time. But if you have ever attended a show in the area, there is a good chance WYRK either put it on or promoted that show.
Johnny Duncan and Charly McClain were the first two national stars to be on our FREE show. Combined with local acts like, Country Company, it was a limited show with only 2389 seats available.
We can't wait to get back out and join our listeners and friends at shows when the pandemic allows! Perhaps a few free shows would be part of the plan!

WYRK'S First Fee Show in 1983

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