Growing up in Western New York chances are that you know someone who is a skier or snowboarder, but what happens if you are invited out to hit the hills but never skied before?

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Well, you can now learn to ski in just one weekend! Yep, it's true and I can confirm it because that is what I did!

I grew up in West Seneca, and even though I am 42 years old, I NEVER EVER went skiing, more accurately, I never even put on skis before.

That was until this weekend. I worked with Gary from Ski with Me and took his Ski in 3 program. He claims that anyone can learn to ski in just one weekend.

Our weekend started around 3 pm getting our ski rentals at the Colden Ski and Board Shop. John and the crew got me and my wife all geared up with Skies, Boots, and poles.

From there we headed up the road to the Buffalo Ski Center where we met Gary and his wife.

For the 1st part of the session, we learned the proper way to move in the skis and how to use our legs to control our equipment.

From there we did some small hill turns and stops. Within the first hour, we were ready to hop up the Bunny hill.

While on the bunny hill we continued some lessons on turning and stopping and then we had a chance to head down for the 1st time.

Seeing that I never skied before I was super nervous but I did the first run without falling and felt great.

After a quick snack break, we headed back out to the Advance bunny hill for some more lessons. We learned how to get on and off a T-bar. We continued lessons on how to control speed and control the equipment.

By the 3rd hour, we were skiing down the advance bunny hill without any issues.

We finished up on Saturday with several runs and man I felt great!

Sunday we moved over to Emery Park for lessons. We started with some warm-ups and then we went right to the hills. In-between runs, we have a couple of lessons to recap what we learned but for much of Sunday, we just skied!

If you never been on skis before, this is the perfect program for you. No matter your age, Gary can work with up and get you on the slopes!

Learn more about the Ski In 3 program HERE

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