If you've been thinking about planting trees, or shrubs around your house this spring, this might be a smart way to do it.

Most people know the benefits of having plants and trees around. They're good for you, and they look great on your property. The Erie County Soil and Water Conservation District, is offering trees, shrubs, and wildflowers at a great price through their Conservation Tree and Shrub Seedling Program.

We have been doing this for the last couple of years and it's great. We have always ordered pine trees, but they have a ton of options to choose from.  You get them as seedlings or transfers and then all you have to do is plant them. It's pretty simple.

Last year when we picked up, everything was completely contactless.  We pulled in, showed them our order form, they asked us to pop our trunk and they put them right in the back.  And for those of you wondering, they're seedlings.  They aren't enormous so you don't need a huge truck to pick them up.

They offer 11 varieties of transplants, 28 varieties of seedlings, and 4 different seedling combination packs, plus an evergreen transplant pack.

Benefits of planting trees and shrubs include:

- Provide wildlife food and habitat
- Protect water quality
- Shelter crops and landscape
- Reduce air pollution
- Stabilize erodible land
- Reduce heating/cooling expenses

This year, they've even got what they call the Northeast Wildflower Seed Mix. It's an annual and perennial wildflower mix for planting in the Northeast United States.

Need more info?  Click here to learn more.

Want to order now?  Click here for a downloadable order form.


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