If you are a fan of Avengers, you know that in the last movie Infinity Wars, Thanos (The Bad Guy) wiped out half of all living creatures with just a snap of his fingers.

Thanos was able to wield the power after he found all six infinity stones and put them all together in a special gauntlet.

Imagine if you could do the same thing! Well...you CAN!!! Not in real life, but you can see what happens when half of everything related to The Avengers on Google is wipe out with a click of your mouse!

Here is how to do it!

Step 1: Google Thanos

Step 2: When the results come in, on the right side you will see Infinity Gauntlet...just click on it.

Photo Credit: Google
Photo Credit: Google

Step 3: Watch half of all the results disappear!

Step 4: To bring everything back, just click on the gauntlet again.

Have Fun!!

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