Believe it or not, millions of American taxpayers will be getting a deposit from the IRS this week, according to WGRZ.

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It's not a stimulus payment, so the money won't be nearly as much, but this is all due to the extended tax deadline, from April 15th to July 15th. The interest rate changed over that period of time. It's an interest payment that some people who get refunds are owed.

The total money owed averages out to about 18 dollars.

Taxpayers who had their refund delayed will likely see a few extra dollars in their bank account.

If you filed your taxes over the last three months, and by the July 15th deadline, you'll see a deposit notification that says "INT Amount."

If you get your refunds by check, you'll also receive this money by that form.

Unfortunately, these interest payments are taxable. If you receive more than 10 dollars, you will get paperwork by January to add to next year's tax return.

If you're still waiting for your tax return (which some are), the IRS says they are still in the process of sending them out.

Read more at WGRZ.

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