We're still less than two weeks away from the official start of spring here in Buffalo and Western New York, but March is usually the month when we start to see glimpses of that warmer air coming back. This week will be the best indication yet, including Wednesday.

According to WIVB 4 Warn Weather, temperatures will be above 40 degrees, Monday through Friday across Western New York, with 60 degrees or potentially warmer on Wednesday, with sunshine!

In fact, the low on Wednesday is predicted to be just 50...wow. With the 60-degree temperatures, you could definitely get away with shorts or a t-shirt if you want. I'm definitely going to be breaking out one or both; I usually do the first 60-degree plus day of the year.

Next weekend will see it get back to normal temperatures, but still close to 40 degrees for both Saturday and Sunday. Not a bad week at all!

Also, don't forget to roll your clocks forward one hour Saturday night into Sunday morning, as we spring forward. I know, we're going to lose an hour of sleep, but gaining that extra hour of daylight should be worth it!

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I can't wait for this warmer weather, especially Wednesday. I'm so tired of the col temperatures. It'll be nice to air out the house and not have the heat on for once.

You just know winter will bring one last hoorah to Western New York the third or fourth week of March...it always does.

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