Hey, at least he was hard at work!

One little critter found himself inside Tim Horton's looking for some coffee, we're pretty sure. Someone was walking by the Tim Horton's in Toronto and spotted this guy going through some of the lower cabinets and the workers on the phone (presumably with someone looking for help!)

The guy who took the picture posted it on Reddit and then it went viral:

I noticed this little trash panda that just couldn't wait to get his Timmies fix on... cute little bugger was rummaging through all the cabinets and didn't pay any mind to the Tim Hortons employees around him. Poor workers had no idea how to deal with it

Though, the Tim Horton's social media team was all over it and shortly responded and notified everyone about what the next steps to be taken were:

Team members at the restaurant contacted animal control soon as they saw the surprise visitor. They performed two deep cleanings overnight following. The restaurant owners completed all necessary procedures as the health and safety of guests and team members are our top priority.

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Have you ever had an animal in your house before? We once had a nest of baby birds inside the house. The front door had a wreath on it and we had no idea there was a nest inside of it and one day the nest fell inside when someone rang the door bell. I'm not sure if you have ever had birds inside your house, but they go to the bathroom....A LOT. The minute it gets in there, it's either causing damage or being a pest, but at least you'll have that story forever!

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