How do you pronounce the word Toronto?  Go ahead.  Say it out loud.  Because the Blue Jays want you to know, you're probably saying it wrong.

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There are certain words that seem like they'd be easy to pronounce.  But then when you hear other people say them, you realize how far off you were.  Norfolk is one of those words.  People from Norfolk know how to pronounce it.  And it's not "Nor-foke."

Today, as I'm scrolling through Twitter, I see that some of us Americans have been pronouncing the word "Toronto" incorrectly.  When you hear people from around the world say it, it's "Tor-on-toe" but that's not how they say it, and it's not how they want you to say it either.


The second T is silent?

Wait...that's how I've said it my whole life!  And here I am thinking that I have to pronounce it using every single letter.  I'm not sure which is more surprising - that I've said it that way the whole time, or that I'm just noticing now that that is how we say it.  As someone pointed out, it's kind of like "Atlanta."  When you're there, you just say "Atlanna."  It's not "At-lan-ta."

But they're right.  If you ever listen to a professional broadcast and they talk about Toronto, that's how they say it, with the second t being emphasized.

Hey man, if everyone will just stop calling wings "Buffalo Wings" I can totally get on board with calling Toronto "Torrono."

They want to make sure that people are saying it correctly because they're going to be saying it more often.  The Blue Jays are once again in the post season and looking for another championship to bring home.

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