Winner winner chicken dinner! We all have dreams of winning a ton of money by playing the lottery, but have you ever thought about what you would actually do with all that cash? Check out what some winners did...

Friday the jackpot is a cool $422 Million bucks. I can't even imagine what the feeling would be to get those winning numbers. Some folks have been lucky to win millions already and it poses the question, What did they do with the winnings? WGRZ has the answer, Some winners spend modestly, while others jumped right in to getting everything and anything their heart desired.

One winner, John Kutey won $28.9 million, and he and his wife decided to donate a portion to building a water park in honor of their parents. A water park that you can go to anytime for free? Count me in! Millionaire Janite Lee used a good chunk of her $18 million winnings on donating to the Democratic Party... well here's an example of how I wouldn't spend my winnings..politics? No thanks!

Another winner, Ed Nabors claimed half of the $390 million winnings way back in 2007. When people  asked what he was planning on doing with the money he replied "I'm going to do a lot of fishing." Check out what others did with their money here! 

From opening a water park, to doing a lot of fishing, when you have millions one things for sure, you can do anything you want. I would still work in radio, but probably take a few more vacation and "cough cough" sick days! What would you do?

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