Keeping track of Taylor Swift....where she is, who she's dating, who the next song is a stressful job, but we at WYRK try to come through for you as often as we can.  So, we now know that Taylor Swift was seen with Harry Styles of One Direction in NYC just weeks after calling it off with Conor Kennedy.  What we just found out today is that Taylor was in NYC to accept the Ripple of Hope Award.  This award is given out by The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.  Awkward!!!!  Swift dumps a Kennedy, then is awarded.  VERY AWKWARD!!  But I guess you aren't going to say no to being given an award.  Just a weird situation.  It doesn't end there though.  Later that night, Swift joined up again with Styles, who had just finished a performance at Madison Square Garden.  The two attended an after party (at the Hudson Hotel), where they reportedly participated in karaoke and flirted a bit.  By the way...they left the after party at 4:15 am.  Both Taylor and Harry were seen leaving that same hotel the next morning (Tuesday 12/4/12)...but separately.  I don't buy that...that's good planning on their parts.  OOOh, let's make it look like we didn't spend the night together.

Check out the pictures.....

Swift/Styles #1

Swift/Styles #2