Millions of Amercian's had their personal information including their social security number leaked after an information breach happened at the credit reporting company Equifax.

Now you could be entitled to some cash or free credit monitoring.

Following the data breach, Equifax will now spend millions to pay back those affected.

Equifax has reached a $700 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission will nearly $425 million going directly to help those affected by the breach.

Right now, Equifax is offering consumers who had their information leaked a one-time $125 payment or up to 10 years of free credit monitoring and up to $1 million in identity theft insurance.

In order to claim your money or credit monitoring, you will have to file a claim. Here is how:

  1. Click here to check with Equifax if they exposed your information. You will need to provide your last name and the last six numbers of your Social Security number.
  2. If you were affected, click here to file a claim with the FTC and either get a $125 settlement payment or free credit monitoring. You will again need to list some private information.
  3. Consumers can also upload supporting documents from time and money spent checking or recovering from identity theft. Equifax may provide a max of $20,000 in reimbursement for these expenses.

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