The cold and frozen weather that we have had this winter will continue this weekend and even though there is some relief in the near future, it makes for some amazing scenes in Niagara Falls.

I found this video of the falls under some ice and snow. It is incredible to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World in it's glory even when the temperatures are hovering around zero.

We are so lucky to live in an area with so many great and FREE things to enjoy. I didn't realize why when we were kids, but my father and mother would take us to the Falls every summer and make an entire day out of it. It is was a great trip for us. We lived in East Aurora and it seemed like a long road trip to get there. My father always took the long way and would point out some things along the way. It became both a family trip and a field trip with a lesson.

Now that I have kids, I understand the beauty of those trips and taking advantage of the things that we have right here in our hometown.

The weather forecast calls for a warm trend starting next week. Before then, maybe take a trip to see the sights around you. Perhaps it's time for a trip to Niagara Falls!

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