Finally A Diet We Can Look Forward To
Here's a diet that some say is the best way to lower cholesterol. The old saying still works. "Everything in moderation." But don't let that squash the fact that you can still enjoy a new diet plan.
These Foods Will Make You Eat Less!!
Everyone is always looking for an easy way to shed some pounds.  Some exercise like crazy, other count points.  Well, I've found a simple list of 6 foods that will fill you up and help you eat less throughout the day.  The first food may be hard for some of you to choke down, but
Five Diet Rules You’re Allowed To Break
I read somewhere that more than 50 percent of the U.S. population is overweight.  Today's lifestyles leave us little time for eating properly and exercising enough.  It's no wonder that everywhere you look, people are pushing some type of diet or diet plan.
5 Ways To Avoid Food Cravings
It's tough to say no sometimes when you've got a brand new package of Oreo cookies and a full gallon of milk sitting in your fridge.  You just want a couple.  I mean really....a couple cookies won't hurt right?  Next thing you know, you've eaten half the package an…
The 10 Worst Foods In America
Remember when you were a kid and someone told you NOT to do something?  After they told you not to do it, what was the first thing you wanted to do?  You wanted to do exactly what they told you not to do right?  Tell me what you want to do after you read this list of the 10 worst foods in Americ…