The date was November 20th, 2000. I was still at school (I believe I was in the fifth grade) when the snow started to fall. I was on my way home from school on one of those smaller busses (since I went to a private school), with one other student. Then the snow started to fall even harder, and soon, we couldn't see out the window.

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After two hours, it was clear we weren't going anywhere that evening and the bus was stranded on Harlem Road in Cheektowaga -- right in front of the Valvoline Instant Oil Change, along with a now-defunct bar, The Owl Lounge.

The storm doesn't really have a name like The Blizzard of '77, The October Surprise Storm, or Snowvember, but turns out, the National Weather Service called it "Millenium Snow."

The pre-Thanksgiving storm dropped nearly 25 inches of snow within a nine-hour period, from noon to 9 pm. It was at its worse during rush hour when everyone was attempting to get home. No surprise, it was another intense lake effect snow band.

Buffalo and surrounding suburbs' streets turned into parking lots as many people slept in their cars the entire night, myself included. Before we slept on the bus, we needed to eat, so two kind motorists on Harlem agreed to get a few of us bread, bologna, and cheese from a nearby convenience store. We ate inside the Valvoline.

I was able to get home the next morning, after a kind school bus driver in his company car, agreed to take me and the other student home...but not before we stopped at McDonald's for some breakfast!

The November of 2000 snowstorm is often overshadowed by the two storms that followed it, over the next 14 years, but make no mistake, that was a storm to remember forever.

What are your memories?

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