Living in the SAME STATE as the Statue of Liberty, have you ever been to see her? Soon, there will be a SECOND statue coming!

A second Statue Of Liberty was been built in 2011 and has been in France ever since and now, they are ready to ship "little sister", as the statue has been dubbed, over to America.

The second Statue of Liberty is on the way to the United States and will be about one-sixteenth of the original Statue of Liberty and weighs approximately 1,000 pounds. It will be boarded on a ship the port city of Le Havre on June 19 and reach New York City on July 1 and will be set up on Ellis Island, right across from the original statue

Why did France make a second Statue of Liberty, though?

Its final destination will be Washington, DC at the location of the French ambassador's residence. Now, it will not be there forever. Officials have noted that the second Statue of Liberty will only be there for 10 years.

The original, Lady Liberty was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States that is an international sign of peace. If you have ever been to New York City to see the Statue of Liberty, you know how incredible it is. I mean, living in Buffalo you know that you live in the same state so, you HAVE to go see it at some point. The statue took almost 10 years to make. Construction on it began in 1875 and was not completed until 1884, but it took a lot of crowd fundraising to make. There were over 120,000 people who donated money to make up the $100,000 to make the statue back then. In return for their donation, their names were posted in the newspaper!

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