New York State collects so much money from all of their taxes. It's actually insane.

But, where is that money always going to? Here are 3 jobs in New York State that could use a raise:

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    Volunteer Firefighters

    If the volunteer firefighter departments keep loosing members at the rate that they are, there is going to be a problem. Most major cities pay their firefighters a salary + pension, but your local fire department for your town--probably does not. If your local volunteer fire company had nobody there what would happen? Who would come help you in an emergency? You don't want your emergency crews to be 30 minutes away. Governor Hochul has announced New York State will award stipends to new volunteer firefighters when they finish their training--but, it's a maximum of $1,250.

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    I know that the salary for almost every district is paid for by the town's taxpayers, but New York State spends so much money on school districts that the educators of our kids should be compensated somehow, too. Western New York has some of the highest school tax rates in New York, and it seems that our teachers still get paid way too low.

    (Side note: isn't billions of lottery money supposed to go to schools in New York State?)

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    Garbage Workers

    I know you already pay for it in your taxes, but it is amazing when you think about the service of getting your garbage picked up from your house and it just goes away. Now, that seems pretty standard. But, what about when you throw out beds, dressers, anything disgusting or annoying and it's raining outside and these guys and girls have to take it away for you. Give these guys a raise. It's an annoying and thankless job and without it--we would be screwed.

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