The level of frustration for the Buffalo Sabres has reached new levels of comprehension this season.  They can't even win games when they're better team.  The Sabres put 46 shots on New Jersey Devils goaltender Corey Schneider, but were able to manage just one goal in a 3-1 loss on Monday night.

Of all the shots the Sabres had the one they scored on was a fluke from center ice.  Sam Reinhart just dumped the puck toward the Devils goal, it made a funny bounce and Schneider misplayed it.  That was the only one he gave up.

The Sabres had breakaways, two on ones, great looks from the slot, but they were denied each time.  Oh, there was that one goal that didn't count.  Again it was Reinhart who stuffed a rebound past Schneider but the Devils contested it charging the goaltender was interfered with and the referees agreed.  So instead of a 2-2 game midway thru the third period, the Devils held on to the lead and didn't give it up.

It's Buffalo's 12th straight loss on the road.  They haven't won a game on the road since January 29th.  That's nearly two months.

Regardless of how many shots they get or how they get 'em this team has no finish.  They talk a good game but they can't execute it.  Mercifully they have only seven games left before they can be put out of their misery.

They play at Ottawa on Tuesday night.

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