When you turn the key over in the ignition of your vehicle here in Western New York you become a very bizarre person. In the most Buffalo way possible.

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See there are certain things that every driver in Western New York does. We are not sure why we do it, how we learn it, or who was the first to do it, but when you become a driver in the 716, you do some very bizarre things.

We are not talking about punching the person next to you when you see a Volkswagon Beatle aka "Punchbug". Everyone in the world does that. Even though punching is involved in one of the things Buffalo drivers do.

Nor are we talking about consuming a whole burger, fries, pop, ice cream sundae combo while cruising along at 65 either. Most people in the world also eat and drink when they are behind the wheel.

These are things that only people who live in Buffalo, grew up in Buffalo, or spent any time in Buffalo do. These are things people in other parts of the county and the world do because they learn how to do these things right here in Western New York.

These things are done every single day people hop in their vehicle and head down Transit, Southwestern, Maple, or any road here in Western New York. When you learn to parallel park in a snowstorm, head out to grab some milk, bread, and beer and must follow a snowplow back home, or just leave your car in the middle of the street because it snowed 5 feet while you were at work you learn to do these 5 bizarre things.

5 Bizarre Things Drivers Do In Western New York

Admit it, you do all of these don't ya?

5 Bizarre Things Drivers Do In Western New York

Admit it, you do all of these don't ya?

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