It's National Dessert Day! Here's a look at five crazy birthday cakes Val's made.

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To celebrate Rob's 30th birthday, a special surprise was located inside this cake. Check out the video. Here's how to make your own Hidden Hidden Valley Ranch cake.

I've made some insane cakes in the past, including: Minecraft cakes, Galaxy Mirror cakes, a Smoking Volcano Disaster cake, and the LEGO cake.

Here's a few Minecraft Cakes. The big thing with these are the shapes and textures. Rice Crispy treats make for great "wood" blocks, and a dense chocolate cake works well for soil. Top it with green shaving-style sprinkles or use frosting applied with a 'grass tip' for cake decorating.


Galaxy Mirror Cakes. The trick with these is getting the temperature of the "mirror glaze" right. Before you attempt, have a candy thermometer on hand. Here's a great tutorial.

Smoking Volcano Cake. A small pyrex bowl encased in Rice Crispy treats makes the dome of the volcano -- and a safe receptacle for dry ice, which gives the smoke effect. Locally, you can get dry ice from Irish Carbonic.

LEGO Cake. This one was very labor intensive! Here's how to make it.


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