Like it or not, Facebook is the place we go to connect with friends we probably never would connect with if it weren't for Facebook. It seems like each week they're coming up with a new way to connect with people and jazz up your page. Just in time for Christmas they've rolled out some features to get your Facebook in the Holiday spirit.

  • 1

    Holiday cards

    Personalize photos for your friends that can replace the card you forgot to send out!

  • 2

    Holiday Camera Effects

    Who has the better filter Snapchat or Facebook? You'll have to compare with Facebook's new holiday filters and stickers for the holiday and New Years!

  • 3

    Holiday Highlights

    A year in review is something that has been introduced in the past few years and it shows all the highlights from your past year. Look for this years review on December 28th!

  • 4

    Facebook Live Effects

    Think Snapchat filter for this feature, except LIVE. You'll be able to bring in the new year for all your friends to see with some added spice of stickers, filters and effects.

  • 5

    Event Planner

    Use the event feature to find all the NYE happenings in the area. See where friends are thinking about going and bonus...see the events that a super close to home to you don't have to worry about driving!

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