Today is #NationalRescueDay.  I'm proud to say that two of my pets have been rescues and I wouldn't have it any other way!  Here are 5 reasons why I chose to rescue my pups.

  1. I fell in love with the dogs I adopted.  First and foremost, after our visits with our dogs and their fosters we knew that they were a fit.  I’ve often said that I believe a dog chooses its human and you know when there’s a perfect match.  That is certainly the case with our family and our pets.  When we adopted Minnie, I knew right away.  When the foster left my house I told her, “We will decide as a family and let you know what we all think as soon as possible if we think she is a fit for our family.”  I don’t think she even made it out the driveway before I made my mind up that I didn’t want to live without her.
  2. The bonds are incredibly strong with rescued pets. Many rescued pets have had a rough life.  This is your chance to show them that not all humans are bad.  You won’t believe the bond you form with a rescue pet.  They know you took them from a terrible environment and they will love you eternally for that.
  3. Puppy mills are just awful. Yes, the puppies are cute, but think about the mothers of these little puppies.  Many are kept in cages for months (possibly years) at a time and are only let out when it’s time to breed again.  Many of them don’t care about the welfare of that animal at all.  The medical care involves whatever will cost them the least amount.  The parents are simply a way for them to make money.  When they stop being profitable the mothers are either surrendered to rescues or unfortunately thrown out.  When they stop giving the mills puppies, they are no longer any use to them and have no value in the miller’s eyes.
  4. The selection is incredible. My dad used to swear by mutts and runts.  There are some of those, there are pure breds.  They’ve got them all…and at just about any age.  There’s everything from puppies to senior dogs.  Some rescues are from mills, some have come from very loving homes where they had to be surrendered when their owner had to go to assisted living or nursing homes.  These dogs just want your love.
  5. This one is last on my list because truthfully cost shouldn’t matter.  But let’s be honest, if you can get the pet of your dreams for $500-$1000 less than you would buying them somewhere else, wouldn’t you save the money and rescue instead?  That $1500-$1800 dog that you just want to bring home and love could be just $500.

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