Buffalo is the home of the chicken wing and boy has the wing come a long way since it was first created at the Anchor Bar.

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The world's best snack food, The Chicken Wing, was created here in Buffalo way back in 1964 when Teressa Bellissimo created the snack for her son's hungry friends while working late at night at the Anchor Bar.

When she first created the wing, she used hot sauce but since the famous night, wing sauces have come a long way. From the standards of hot, medium, and mild to wild creations like Chipolte BBQ, loganberry, to Carolina Reaper, wings come in a variety of flavors for everyone's tastes.

But there are five flavors of wings that currently are not around that some amazing chefs in Western New York need to create. These five flavors combine a Buffalo staple, the wing, with the flavor of the city.

I will be first to admit, I am not sure how some of these wings are going to taste. They might be home runs or maybe the grossest thing you put in your mouth, but when you bite into a wing with these "Buffalo" flavors, you know you are in the Queen City repping the 716.

Again, these just are ideas and concept wings flavors, they are not in production and you cannot get these anywhere that I know of. If some chef wants to create them and let me know, I will be first in line to try them out. All I know is that we need these flavors in Buffalo right now!

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