When you tell someone you live in Buffalo, how often are you asked about “The Big Apple?” You can’t help but respond to the ignorance with a massive eye roll.

One wise person once told me, “You can’t know what you don’t know.” And if someone hasn’t been able to visit Buffalo yet, they most likely do not know these 57 things that we Buffalove.

I like to call this “The Sparknotes of Buffalo.” It may not cover everything about our city, but it’s a good place to start. 

How many of these Buffalo fun facts did you know?

57 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Buffalo

You might know a lot of these, but there is no way you know all 57 things. If you did, I would be impressed.

Here's a list of 57 fun facts that single Buffalo out from the rest of the country.

Being the capital of snowfall around the country, I think it's shocking that so many people did not know about the major rule when it comes to snowball fights in Buffalo: it is illegal to throw a snowball at someone's head. 

I guess it makes sense when you think about it...we're following the same rules as dodgeball.

Granted, there's a lot of things you probably already knew. For example, most of us knew Rick James was born here, about the legend of the blizzard of 1977, and the fact that Buffalo is a foodie town.

But did you know why they called it "Millionaires Row?" Because I didn't!

How many fun facts did you know about Buffalo?

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