There’s always some less-than-thrilling things that happen each week, whether it’s across the country, down to Music City in Nashville, or right here in our WNY backyards.

Here’s this week’s rundown.

  • 1

    Man Dies At 49ers Game

    Sometimes people take "being funny" to a whole new level. A level that shouldn't even exist. One man fell to his death Sunday in San Francisco when he fell from a walkway into the stadium to the sidewalk. Many people witnessed, but he was announced dead before an ambulance arrived.

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  • 2

    Kids Injured When Ride At Conn. Fair Breaks

    The swing ride at a fair suddenly stopped with a ton of kids on it. Imagine swinging around on that thing pretty quick before it just suddenly stops. Some kids fell right off, and some still in the chair were hitting into each other. Twelve kids went to the hospital.

    Good news: All are expected to be OK.

  • 3

    Woman Goes On McDonalds Nugget Rampage

    I have seen some people mad at fast food joints. Waiting too long, food wrong -- but some people really get a little too upset about these kinds of things.

    This lady takes it to the next level. The weird part is that the McDonald’s crew here did nothing wrong. This lady simply wanted lunch food in the middle of breakfast, and they told her no.

    Check out the video.

  • 4

    Erie County Makes 220th DWI Arrest

    Erie County made its 220th DWI arrest by the Sheriff's office this year. We still have three months left to go of 2013. What are these people thinking?

    What's wrong with staying home and playing Scrabble? Scrabble and beer? Actually, another bad idea.

  • 5

    Billy Currington Wants To Do WHAT to Shania Twain?!

    Billy Currington, what the heck?! Who says this in an interview?!

    There's no doubt that Shania Twain still has it. She's smoking, but look what he says when asked what he would like to do if there were only 24 hours left to live:

    “I still wanna pound Shania Twain."

    Alright then...


  • 6

    Carrie Underwood Wipes Out!

    She’s good looking.

    She’s talented.

    And she’s sometimes a klutz.

    At Carrie Underwood’s show Thursday night, she took quite a spill when she tripped…over her shirt. Yes, her shirt. Take a look.