If you thought that series of resignations from the offices of the Buffalo Catholic Diocese was something more than just coincidence following revelations of rampant cover ups of sexual abuse incidents involving priests, you were right.  The CBS program "60 Minutes" plans an expose this Sunday on what's been happening in the Buffalo Catholic Diocese.

According to WKBW-TV, Bishop Richard Malone’s former administrative assistant has come forward to admit that she was the one that leaked internal documents to the media revealing how the Bishop and the Diocese allegedly covered up accusations of sexual misconduct involving priests.

Siobhan O'Connor resigned her post with the Diocese this past August and said that her conscience forced her to reveal what she knew.  She told WKBW-TV, "As a faithful Catholic, I could not abide by what I witnessed at the chancery.”

In addition to providing documents to local media, O'Connor also sent documents to "60 Minutes" revealing the ways in which accused priests were allowed to remain in ministry even after the Bishop stated he was not covering up for those priests.

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