When you drive around Western New York and the Buffalo area, there are some things that you simply don't see anymore that many of us remember being everywhere when we began driving.

From cars that overheated, to hubcaps rolling around in the street, there were so many things that were part of a daily drive, you simply don’t see anymore.

Perhaps you are a millennial? There’s a good chance you have not seen ashtrays in cars. Whether it was in the front seat for the passenger and the driver to use, or on the back of the seats or doors in the backseat, ashtrays were standard in vehicles when we were kids. You don’t really see piles of ashes laying near red lights or stop signs the way you used to back in the day.

Another thing that you don’t see in vehicles anymore, or in use on the roads, are manual window cranks. The term "roll up the window" really does not make sense anymore because most if not all vehicles have power windows. There was a specific lean to the left or lean to the right as the driver or the passenger would go to roll the window up using that Crank.

Here is a list of a few other items that I put together that I have noticed are rarely seen on the roads around Western New York. Perhaps you can relate to a few of these.

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