I received this video on facebook the other day.  It was about the 7 most unromantic romantic gestures.  It’s the list of things that guys can do that would normally not be considered romantic , but will be in your girl’s eyes.

I had a couple thoughts watching it.

  1. I’ve done a lot of those things. They didn’t seem very romantic at the time.
  2. Romance can come from the girl too. Ladies, we appreciate thoughtful gestures too.

Romance dies in a relationship when the other person (and it doesn’t matter if it’s the guy or girl) says that the other person gave up.  Then they give up.

So hey, now that us guys have this video as framework, I realized that many of these points could go both ways.  Here’s a “how-to” list on romancing your guys.  Here we go…

  1. You want us to go to romantic movies with you. Impress your guy by getting tickets to the new horror movie that’s coming out, or a superhero movie, or an action movie.  Even though you might hate it, just the act of you getting tickets and not complaining is very romantic to us.
  2. The lunch thing is a good idea. And this one works both ways too.  We love lunch.  It’s just as good if you pack his lunch.
  3. While there are some guys who will appreciate a bath, my guess is that most might not love it as much as a girl would. Most guys just want time to do whatever they need to do.  Whether that’s time in the garage to organize tools, to do a wood project that they’ve been thinking of, work on the car - that kind of stuff.  Give him the time to get it done.
  4. Guys don’t need you to take their dad out to lunch. However, if you really want to impress him, encourage him to take his friends out and spend time with them.  Then here’s the kicker…when he gets home, don’t be mad that he went out with them.  It’s incredibly romantic when you’re willing to share us.
  5. Surprise him. Some guys like to plan everything and have control over a date.  You want to be romantic, plan something that both of you will like and don’t tell him about it.  Just go and do it with him.
  6. Believe in him. I know…sometimes it can be hard.  But if he says he can fix something, give him the benefit of the doubt.  Don’t laugh at him and tell him he can’t do it.  Even if it’s something little, guys like to be able to fix things and it’s even more romantic if he’s got a partner who believes in him.
  7. Brag about him. Tell your mom how great he is.  Let him hear you brag to your friends.

They’re little things but they can go a long way.  Just never stop trying.

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