If you've been out during rush hour lately, you'll notice it's still a lot less congested than it would have been a year ago.

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With many people working from home -- or staying close to home -- our cars aren't getting as much usage as they once did.

At least, not for driving.

According to a new survey, 73% of us have used our car as a place to get some alone time.

With families all home together, all the time, it's no wonder that many of the survey respondents claimed to use their car as an extra, private, extension of their homes.

"The top reasons we appreciate having a car include road trips, a private place for phone calls, and using it as a makeshift office." -NY Post

Even when we're not driving them, Americans love their cars.

The NY Post gives some fun facts from the survey, which was conducted by TruCar.

  • 42% had their first kiss in their car
  • 2 out of 5 people said they had the “move in together” conversation with their partner while seated in their vehicle
  • the average person eats 288 meals in their car
  • 38% have received a job offer in their car
  • 37% percent learned about a promotion from work while in the car

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