The jackpot for Friday night's Powerball drawing is an estimated $224 million. If you were to win, and after you pay taxes, you would most likely have half of that. Or around $112 million. How far does that money take you each year? If you were to pay the average salary of some of the top paid Buffalo Bills players, you could get 8 of them.

Football, like most sports after the high school level, is a business. Even colleges recruit and compete at the highest level to attract more students and more money. But the NFL is a money making machine and that is why players are able to make the money that they do. A player is worth whatever a team is willing to pay to get them. If it makes the team better, more competitive and, essentially, more popular, that team can make more money.

Here are the 8 players that you could afford to pay for one year, on average, with the money you win after taxes from the Powerball jackpot for this Friday night.

8 Buffalo Bills You Can Afford With Powerball Winnings

I think most people would pay off debts and use the money for a new house or to help other family members. My wife and I watch plenty of HGTV shows and, after we put some away for our boys, would upgrade our living space for sure! I like to be busy and to work. I am not the person who would walk away from work if I won the lottery. But, I may take a few more vacation days than I do now!

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