Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...or at least that's what they used to say.  And there's nothing like a stack of fluffy pancakes to get it started.

So where do you like to go to get yours?

It seems like a pretty common practice.  You make a batter, then put that batter on a grill then serve it to the customers.  So how is it so different at every single place you go?  The batter makes all of the difference.  Do you like it with buttermilk?  Do you like them thinner?  Or thick and fluffy?  Do you like them to be light or heavy?

Then there are the toppings...the things you can put in and on pancakes can take a pancake from just ok to something that you want in your belly every single day.

If you have been to Hamburg lately, you know there are tons of incredible restaurants opening up in that town.  A lot of them only do breakfast too.  So who has THE BEST pancakes there?

Everyone has their own opinion of what makes a great pancake, and because of that, the reasons that they choose one restaurant over another can vary.

I went to Yelp to get opinions from people who have been there about who has the best pancakes in Hamburg, NY.  There is really only one on that list that I don't get.  I'm not even sure how #7 got on the list because I don't think they even have pancakes all.  If they do, and they're that good, I might try them myself!

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