There are places in California and Florida where the water in the ocean has reached the 90+ degree mark! Many say that the water is so warm, it feels like a spa or hot tub!

The weather here in New York has been hot! In fact, for many locations in the Empire State the month of June was the hottest on record. As we move to the middle of July, things are very hot around the United States as the "heat dome" covers a major portion of the south.

For most people, the best temperature of a pool or lake or ocean is most likely around 80 degrees. But these waters in Florida are much higher than that. According to a report on

Water temperatures in the Florida Keys are astonishingly high, between 95°F and 97°F at multiple observing sites.

But what about the beach forecast for New York State? Will the water be as warm as we are hearing and reading about along the west coast? Although it is very warm this summer, it may not feel exactly like a spa but will be refreshing considering the heat and humidity.

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