It was a busy weekend for Buffalo police and it has carried over to today. Early Tuesday morning it was reported that a young child was injured in a shooting.

This all follows a weekend of violence in Buffalo that left multiple people injured. ACMC was a busy place as many were taken to the hospital in shootings that started Friday afternoon.

As of Sunday evening 14 people were shot and 10 shootings since Friday.

Buffalo certainly is not alone in the recent string of violence. Rochester has had an incredibly violent last few months as well. If anyone has information about any of the shootings from over the weekend you were asked to contact the Buffalo Police Dept. There is a confidential tip line that you can either call or text with any information related to the shootings. (716) 847 2255.

Just last week, Niagara Falls hosted a gun buyback program that allowed people to bring in guns in exchange for gift cards. Some handguns were exchanged for iPads and other incentives as well. This may be a short term solution to get some of the guns off the street before they make it into criminals hands. Contact the state attorney general or the mayor of Niagara Falls office for more information.

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