Dear Buffalo, I know you’re on your way to work right now, but here’s a few things we want you to remember before going into the office.

We know it’s 40 something degrees out and it’s May

and you don’t want to wear a coat anymore, but put it on. Or else you’ll catch a cold!

Turn your thoughts to the upcoming warmer days, like 30 days from now when you’ll be complaining about how hot it is at the Taste of Country.

It’s all mind over matter, Buffalo.

Nothing you’re going through is that bad. It’s not as if you were the one who kicked a wide right field goal.

It could always be worse! You could have been the guy who thought Bass Pro was going to save the city. I mean who cares about Canalside anyway?

It’s not like you’re the person who made the Metro Rail only go up and down on Main Street.

Hey, you could have been the guy who decided cashless tolls on Grand Island were a grand idea.

But that’s not you.

You are a true Buffalonian.

You’re going to work today knowing that by Friday, your weekend beer budget is ALL GOOD.

Go ahead, smile at Karen in the office, even if you don’t mean it -- because you’re the kind of person people want to hang out with at work, and *after* work. After all, you know where all the good patios are.

You’re the kind of Buffalonian that thinks it’s awesome to experience all four seasons in one week, I mean doesn’t 74 degrees and sunny every day get boring for people in San Diego?

Buffalo, your smile is visible even through zero-visibility driving conditions.

You like excitement.

You live for the unexpected -- whether it’s two feet of snow in October, the Bills making the playoffs, or suddenly realizing you actually do have an accent.

You're the person that lights up another person’s world.

A world where we waited 800 years for a Chick Fil A.....and 42 years for ANY major sports championship (ahem THE BANDITS).

Take it day by day.......of course, with beer in hand.
Be it Big Ditch, or Labatt --
Lord knows in Buffalo,
you’re good with that.

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