The only thing constant is change.  In Buffalo television news, we see it a lot.  As of today, you will begin to see a new face giving you your morning news on WIVB.

Turnover happens

In the last year, a number of young reporters have come and gone from our television news stations here in Buffalo.  We've had a number of incredible news reporters and anchors in Buffalo. It feels as though the second we begin to love them, they find opportunities in other cities and move on.  Unfortunately for us, it's part of the business.  But for the people who leave, you can't blame them for taking an opportunity when they see it.

When turnover happens, doors open for other people

At the risk of continuing the cliches, when one door closes, another door opens.  When someone leaves their chair at an anchor desk, someone else gets the opportunity to sit there.  In this case, that opportunity belongs to Ali Touhey.

Ali Touhey replaces Abby Fridmann

In January Kelsey Anderson was promoted to the 11pm broadcast from News 4 WakeUp on WIVB.  That spot was then filled by Abby Fridmann.  However, just a few months later, Fridmann moved to Rochester to WHAM leaving the chair open .  On Friday, Touhey made the announcement that she had been named the co-anchor for mornings at WIVB.

She began her first shift in that slot this morning.

The New WakeUp Team

The new WakeUp Team at WIVB now includes Ali Touhey who will be co-anchoring with Chris Horvatits.  Mike Ceijka will have your weather and Hope Winter will cover reporting duties.

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