The lottery fever is not over yet here in New York State and across the country as the PowerBall jackpot is back over $200 million! But if you are not lucky enough to win the lottery and want a really good paying job, there is one that seems really good to have here in New York State.

When it comes to a good job, there are a few factors you need. Change of scenery, fresh air, exercise and most importantly, good pay and benefits are all the things that go in to making a good job, great.

There are reports that after a new contract deal, full-time delivery drivers for UPS will be making great money while enjoying the other benefits that the job comes with.

UPS CEO Carol Tome said during the call that UPS drivers will earn an average of $170,000 in annual pay and benefits by the end of the new five-year contract agreement, and part-time workers’ pay will be boosted to a minimum of $25.75 per hour.

Things are about to get very busy for delivery companies as we are between discount days and the busy holiday shopping season looming.

The back-to-school rush for shopping is in full swing and for some parents, this is a stressful time of the year. But if you are smart, you can find some good deals for that list of supplies!

However, if you are patient, there are some good deals coming your way this October!

According to a post from Amazon:

This October, Amazon is bringing an exclusive shopping event to Prime members—Prime Big Deal Days!

We are really excited for Prime members to discover some of Amazon’s best deals of the season across 19 countries.

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