This has never happened before, and it’s tugging on the heart strings of animal lovers around Western New York. 

Let me just be frank: pigs are my all-time favorite animal, so this is pretty exciting.

The SPCA Serving Allegany County announced in a Facebook post that they have 45 pot-bellied pigs ready to be adopted, the most that the SPCA has ever had. 

“A very special thanks to Dr. Alex Navarro of the Perry Vet Clinic for coming to our rescue to perform neuter surgeries on 10 of our male pot-belly pigs and piglets. Of course we were excited & happy to help out the Dr. with our staff: Dr. Graf, Olivia, Chelsea, Lucas, Crystal and Terry in prepping the piggies for surgery and giving them all the TLC needed in their recovery after surgery.”

The SPCA Serving Allegany County is looking for anyone who may be interested in adopting or donating towards expenses for their care.

Hey, if my landlord is reading this, I will literally pay a pet fee if you let me adopt one of these little cute piggies. 

I mean, look at Archie!!!

If you are interested in adopting a pig, you can email or call 585-593-2200 ext 2 for more information on the adoption process. 

To cover some of the expenses, you can find out more here

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