Why is this not being offered as a mandatory class before kids leave high school?

Real life subjects that people deal with right away out of school. When you're 18 you can get a credit card, yet we rarely learn in high school financing tools and strategy unless you take it as an elective.

Now, Megan Menges, an educator from Lockport created an event this past weekend, that taught high school students things oin a WIDE VARIETY of subjects. From banking and interest rates, to taxes and ironing your clothes. According to WGRZ, Menges said:

So kids are reaching the end of high school and even into young adulthood, not necessarily knowing some of the skills that we may have learned when we were young, and so that's why I feel that this is a necessary event, to hopefully at least touch the iceberg for them, give them a chance to see everything that's coming".

What else should kids need to know before they leave high school? Here's a list of some of the things students learned this past weekend:

■ Don’t live in your parents’ basement: Practical Financial Tools to Help You Thrive and Become Independent
■ How to communicate successfully in the business world (meetings; email; phone)
■ How to use social media for personal benefit  (branding; networking; job hunting)
■ What I wish I knew when I was 18 (tales and advice from one who’s been there)
■ How to buy your first car (everything you need to know from start to finish)
■ How to dine with confidence in an upscale establishment (what silverware to use, etc.)
■ What you need to know if you’re headed into the workforce
■ How to create a show-stopping resume (and resume review)
■ What you need to know if you’re headed to college
■ What to do when you’re sick and mom isn’t there to help
■ How to create an organizing system for your important records
■ How to find your first affordable apartment
■ Time to fly solo! How to book a flight, navigate an airport, and make sure you catch that flight
■ The great importance of being culturally aware
■ How to start your own business
■ How to cook a simple meal and shop cheaply for healthy groceries
■ The law affects you too! Important things you need to know
■ How insurance works (health, auto and home)
■ How interest and loans work
■ Tackling your taxes
■ How to live a life of gratitude
■ Simple tricks for reducing stress
■ How to excel as a young adult
■ How to wrap a beautiful gift
■ How to iron your clothes (and do your laundry too!)
■ How to live with social grace (guest behavior; wake/funeral protocol; tipping. etc.)

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