There are no more cold days, at least until we get into October. The weather will be warm for the next three to four months in New York State.

Last week, some areas in New York saw temperatures reach 90 degrees, which is hotter than usual for the first few days of June.

The temperatures will be more normal this week, with low 70's forecasted for the next several days. However, the work week is starting out with an air quality alert that residents should be aware of.

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There's an air quality alert for New York State on Monday, It goes until Tuesday morning.

The reason is the recent wildfires in Quebec, which has resulted in smoke making its way down to New York, which is causing a hazy look to the sky. Anyone with respiratory issues should limit their time outside today.

New York is in the thick of the smoke cover. The worst of it seems to be in Central and downstate, but the entire northeast is dealing with it right now.

As for the weather the rest of the week, it will stay dry until Sunday, when more rain is expected to move in. The remainder of the week looks fairly dry and warm, however, so just have to get through Monday's haze from the Quebec wildfires.

Remember, if you have a respiratory issue, limit your time outdoors today. The air quality is very poor.

We're less than three weeks away from the official start of summertime.

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