There are so many new things that have evolved over the last three, nearly four, months of this COVID pandemic. A great deal of them are from local invention and creation.

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I received an email from a tech teacher from East Aurora High School regarding a unique and new way to sanitize.

According to his email, Brian Cray explains the following:

We decided to package sanitizer in small "ketchup-like" packets. The company we started is called WNY Made. We are making these single-use pouches right in Akron, NY. The company is brand new. The need for fast, easy, and accessible sanitizer was seen and this great solution was developed.

It is great to see something start fro an idea and a need and become a fully developed product. We have three boys under four years old and hand sanitizer is always a necessity. These packets are great for moms and dads. They travel well. Just carry a few in your pockets and you are ready to sanitize those grubby little hands!

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