The big game hunting season has come and gone for another year. The weather here in New York State was not ideal for deer hunters. Although many took some pretty decent bucks, the heavy snowfall opening week and the up and down temperatures made it tricky for most deer hunters to be successful. But there are some who choose to hunt in other parts of the country and for one hunter from Western New York, it was well worth the trip.

According to

Tristian Olsen of Forestville, New York, was hunting private land in Johnson County when she spotted the albino antelope juxtaposed against the golden hills of Wyoming in autumn.

The western hunting trip was a dream come true for this family! Not only was the trip a success but it was captured by Tristian's dad, Gary Olsen.

Photo from: Deer Tippin' TV

According to Deer Tipin' TV host, Jamie Wallschlaeger :

It was filmed and captured by our newest member of deer Tippin' TV, Ryan Smith. Tristian's dad was watching a few hundred yards in the background in the spotting scope.

I have been hunting for whitetail for years and have never seen an albino deer in the woods. Sure, there have been many spotted around Western New York and even some that have become legends in their neighborhoods. But I can't remember seeing any in the woods. What exactly is the deal with albino deer or antelope? According to at least one report about albinoism...

It’s difficult to accurately determine how frequently this condition exists in wild animals, because albino animals tend not to survive long. They have poor eyesight and are conspicuous, making them easy prey.

No doubt this was a trip of a lifetime for this family! Here in New York State, small game season continues through February and we will have to wait to get back in the deer stand for the next 9 months.

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