It’s not often when you see an albino deer. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in my entire life, so it was fascinating to see this picture of one that was shared on social media this weekend.

The deer was spotted in Western New York and shared to the Buffalo subReddit

While the person who shared it was joking about the fact that the deer have total disregard for the sidewalk, everyone else was commenting on the seemingly white deer. 

A white deer has multiple meanings in different cultures. In British mythology, a white deer is symbolic for the start of an adventure. In Celtic and Native American cultures, the white deer means you are undergoing a cleanse of your spirit. 

However, the person who shared the photo quickly clarified that while the deer appears to be albino, it is actually called “leucism,” which is a form of pigmentation loss in an animal. It can cause the appearance of white or pale skin, hair, or fur. 

If you want to catch a glimpse of a white deer, the best place to see them is near the Old First Ward in South Buffalo, according to Western New Yorkers. 

Take a look at some more pictures of white deer spotted in Western New York below.

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