One of my favorite television channels to watch is The Food Network. There was a quick phase where I watched every episode I could of Chopped and of course, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is another classic to binge.

I was scrolling through Twitter on Thursday afternoon and I happened to come across a thread that featured Alton Brown of The Food Network; mentioned by Nate Geary and Bruce Exclusive, who are great sports follows in Buffalo.

You might know Brown from his work on shows such as Good Eats and Iron Chef. He's also an author and critically-acclaimed chef.

The conversation went into looking back on that time back in 2018 when Brown said "if you want good wings, don't go to Buffalo."

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He said this on the show, Hot Ones: First We Feast, hosted by Sean Evans. It's a show that brings celebrities on to talk about their career and eat incredibly hot sauces on chicken wings.

Brown early on in the video famously said that regions who are known for a certain food, the quality almost immediately goes down.

Brown said that "if you want good "Buffalo" wings, you don't go to freakin' Buffalo."

I love how he added the "freakin'" in there, for added enhancement of his claim that Buffalo does not have good wings.

I remember when Brown said this. Everyone knew immediately he did not go to the right places when he visited here. He seemed to stand by the claim on Twitter today, although he did say he hates breaded wings, so at least we agree on something.

He did add that he "adores" Buffalo wings, but does he mean from Western New York or another region?

Did he change his tune between 2018 and now? Did he go to the right places this time?

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