Josh Allen got his offense line some really cool presents this year. Of course, he has the money to do it, but this is cool.

Allen bought his line all custom, motorized scooters. In case you missed it, you can see the Instagram story that Dion Dawkins posted below. The scooters are red, white and blue with nice seats.

Josh Allen wasn't the only quarterback that got his teammates scooters. Zach Wilson of the New York Jets also gifted his teammates some scooters (but, they are not that sweet). You can take a look at the video below.

The Buffalo Bills quarterback isn't exactly poor right now. He signed a monster deal in 2023 and is set to make 24 million bucks plus he had an extra 6 million dollar signing bonus. But, some other incentives may be on Josh Allen's mind. Here are some of the bonuses that Josh Allen can make this year:

Josh Allen Bonuses:

Winning the AFC Championship - $1,000,000

Winning the Super Bowl - $2,500,000

Winning NFL MVP - $1,500,000

As of right now, Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills have a 94% chance of making it into the playoffs according to the NFL AFC Playoffs chances gridThe Bills can win the AFC East title and secure a playoff spot with a victory over the Dolphins on Sunday night. They will then become the 2nd seed in the playoffs and secure the next game to be at Highmark Stadium for the playoffs.

If the Buffalo Bills lose, then they are going to need help. Pittsburgh or Jacksonville need to lose and then the Buffalo Bills need to win. If neither happens, the last shot is if the Colts and the Titans TIE.

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