The Buffalo Bills will be playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night and Amazon is going to show it to you in a way you've never seen.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an incredibly polarizing piece of technology.  It can be scary at times to think about how it can evolve into something very dangerous.  But at the same time, where it's at right now, it's simply amazing. It can write code and answer questions about just about anything.  The concept art that it can create is crazy.  Now, it's entered the world of football and wait until you can see what it can do.

Amazon is the official broadcast partner of Thursday Night Football

Just about every network has their own time slots for NFL football.  CBS and Fox both cover the Sunday afternoon games.  NBC has Sunday Night Football.  ESPN has the rights to Monday Night Football.  Recently Thursday Night Football was awarded to Amazon.  They were the first to offer football on a strictly streaming service and they're going to start doing it differently than any other network.

Amazon reveals machine learning AI

Not only are they the first strictly streaming service to offer NFL football through their own platform, but they've got a new piece of technology that isn't just going to change the way we watch football, but probably the way that it is played.

It's called machine learning AI and it's absolutely incredible.  What they've done is, they've shown the AI about 35,000 plays and told it to analyze the tendencies of players.  It studied these plays and can now do things like anticipate, based on their body language and other tendencies how certain players will react.  This means it can do things like accurately guess which players might be coming on a blitz in live time.

"Where they line up, how they move before the snap, their body language — all that stuff matters, and it’s the kind of thing quarterbacks and coaches spend countless hours poring over in film study so they can see it coming on game day." - The Verve

It's the "Defensive Alerts" feature.  It's available in the "Prime Vision" stream and it's crazy.

This is going to take football to a new level

Not only is this going to change the way we watch football, but as Joe Pompliano mentions in the tweet above, how long will it be before the NFL wants to get it's hands on this technology to use during the game.  How will this change how offenses react?  Will this make it better?  Or worse?

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