Thanks to a Niagara Falls native, a documentary is gaining major traction on the streaming service Amazon Prime. 

The documentary series features several Western New York high school football teams, but it is mainly centered around one high school in particular. 

The director, Justin Gilmore, played high school and college football, so he has always had a passion for the sport. However, he was especially inspired by the next generation of athletes, and he wanted to show that development over time and highlight the progression of a high school football season. 

Gilmore played football at the University of Louisville while studying sports administration, and eventually he became an agent for his teammates that went pro, according to WGRZ. Over the years, those responsibilities included content creation, which led him to being inspired to dabble in film. 

It seems to be working out for him! But what’s really cool about Gilmore, he kept it hyperlocal to what he grew up with. 

In 2021, Gilmore started the venture of making an 11-part documentary series called “Victory Formation.” It followed the Canisius High School football season, following the ups and downs of the season. 

Other local teams around Western New York are also featured in the documentary. 

Eventually, Amazon Prime noticed the film, and they added “Victory Formation” to their streaming service. 

Other local teams are featured, too. "Victory Formation" ended up getting picked up by Amazon Prime.

If you want an inside look into the strong football programs here in Western New York, make “Victory Formation” your next movie night.  

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